This WG is aimed at defining reference values for BP that can be applied all over Europe. This will be cornerstone for the definition of uniform criteria that allow a better stratification and follow-up of HTN in children. This is also the starting point for a better definition of BP categories.

Specific Tasks


Meta-analysis of reports in the most relevant bibliographic repertories on available data for BP.


Analysis of usable Electronic Health Recordings and data bases of BP values.


Develop reference values using tables with European data based on age, sex and height percentiles. An approach to simplify the criteria for diagnosis of BP categories.


Set the methodology to harmonise future clinical studies in Europe which prospective analysis can validate and enrich reference values established by HyperChildNET.


Carry out an analysis on health care burden of actual high BP in children and adolescents in Europe, and a cost-effectiveness analysis of a population-based versus opportunistic screening of BP with the new defined reference values and thresholds for clinical treatment and follow-up.

Key results


Report of a map of BP values according to BP measurements and epidemiological factors.


Build tables of European reference values for office use merging the existing data and for 24-h ABPM.


Investing in prevention today, means health and savings tomorrow. Report of reduction of health burden and cost-effectiveness of screening for high BP in children and adolescents in Europe with the new thresholds and reference values.

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Prof Giuseppe Mancia

WG2 Leader.
Blood pressure REFERENCE VALUES and definition of blood pressure categories

Professor Mancia’s research focuses on the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, heart failure, coronary and other cardiovascular diseases. Currently: Chairman of the ESH Foundation and the Hypertension Center, Policlinic of Monza.


Prof Denes Pall

WG2 Vice Leader.
Blood pressure REFERENCE VALUES and definition of blood pressure categories

Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Board Member of the Hungarian Society of Hypertension since 2007. He is a full Professor of Medicine from 2014. At this moment he is also the Director of the Coordination Center for Drug Development and Vice President of the Clinical Center, University of Debrecen, Hungary.

WG members

Pau Redon


Medical Products Division, Analog Devices

Salvador Peiró



Denes Pall


University of Debrecen

Giuseppe Mancia


University Milano-Bicocca

Anamarija Meglic


University Medical Centre Ljubljana

Nicholas Webb

United Kingdom

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Konstantinos Kamperis


Aarthus University Hospital

Nina Petricevic


Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health

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