This WG is aimed to benchmark, assess and select suitable devices for office BP monitoring in children and adolescents that fulfil the overall criteria of the universally acceptable standard (AAMI/ESH/ISO).

Specific Tasks


Define the criteria to benchmark the different BP measurement devices according to the different BP measurements and BP methods.


Analyse the criteria for validation and the clinical issues affecting the validation procedure.


Generate a map of equivalences among most used BP measurement devices available on the market.


Evaluate new device proposals in order to find out its potential in non-intrusive, non-stigmatizing BP measurement platforms.


Analyse and agree on the new developments to fill the present gaps among clinical practitioners and decision-makers as well as the industrial partners.

Key results


Benchmark report according to the different BP methods and measurements.


Guide for device accuracy and quality criteria for the main specific use in children and adolescents.

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Prof Stella Stabouli

WG1 Leader.
Blood pressure measurement DEVICES

Stella Stabouli is Associate Professor of Pediatrics-Pediatric Nephrology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a member of the Editorial Board of scientific journals in the field of pediatric nephrology and hypertension and she has authored more than 100 scientific publications with more than 2,500 citations.

Dr.-Javier-Calpe-Maravilla-(WG1-Vice-Leader) - HyperChildNET

Dr Javier Calpe Maravilla

WG1 Vice Leader.
Blood pressure measurement DEVICES

Javier Calpe Maravilla is currently a Doctor in Physical Sciences from the University of Valencia (Spain). His fields of work are the development of sensors and hyperspectral image processing, digital signal processing and intelligent sensors.

WG members

Nikos Karpettas


European University Cyprus

Thorsten Meier


I.E.M. mbH

Javier Calpe Maravilla


Analog Devices Inc

Karel Herberigs

The Netherlands

OMRON Healthcare Europe BV

Deepu John


University College Dublin

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