COST supports different categories of meeting as part of its “Meeting” networking tool. Here you can find links to meetings that are foreseen as well as any additional information on meetings that were held.

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Management Committee Meeting

These meetings gather the members of the Management Committee (MC) with the objective of coordinating and organising the Action’s activities as well as of supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funding with a view to achieving the Action’s scientific and technological objectives.

In these meetings up to two Action MC members (or their substitutes) from each Participating COST Full Member / COST Cooperating Member are eligible to be reimbursed for their attendance at Action MC meetings.

Core Group Meeting

The Core Group (CG) meetings are focused on achieving the research coordination and capacity-building objectives of the Action. To consult the CG members, click here.

The CG meetings are held at least three times a year.

Working Group Meeting

The meetings of the Working Groups aim at achieving the scientific objectives of the Action and in particular of each WG.

To consult the meetings organised within Working Groups, please consult the section of Working Groups.

These meetings are organised autonomously by each Working Group. On averale more than 3 meetings are organised by each WG yearly.

Dissemination Meetings

Dissemination meetings are high profile events or conferences not organised by the COST Action. Action MC members or their substitutes are encouraged to attend these meetings for the purpose of presenting and disseminating the Action’s achievements.

In this section, the most relevant conferences will be announced as well as the conferences and the corresponding oral presentations that were participated by the Action members.

Main Management Committee meetings held so far