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Network for blood pressure research in children and adolescents: A Cost Action.

COST Action will contribute pioneering research going beyond the state of the art and facing the most critical challenges affecting high BP in children and adolescents.

HyperChildNET will go beyond the Working Group during its 4-year duration by:
1. Providing a multidisciplinary and multiactor approach, as it involves industry, stakeholders, target (patient) groups, researchers and clinicians in the networking actions.
2. Widening its scope with more ambitious goals taking into consideration a holistic approach of all the variables involved in BP regulation in children and adolescents.
3. Generating many networking actions not addressed by the ESH Working Group, such as short-term scientific missions, training schools, regular open seminars and global dissemination actions.
4. Enlarging the community through the involvement in HyperChildNET of world-leading researchers together with Early Career Investigators across Europe and other international partners.


Published On: 23 de February de 2021Categories: Main target group, Publication, Scientific paper, Workgroups

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