Are you a representative of Industry (medical devices, nutrition, pharma) working around BP?

In the HyperChildNET COST Action industry representatives are more than welcome to collaborate, providing relevant skills, solid background and work experience in the area of high BP in children and adolescents, that will be essential for achieving the Action objectives.

The aim of this Action is to provide the technical knowledge for devices’ manufacturing and setting, as well as for the development of new products within the nutrition and pharma sectors. Therefore, relevant information attained during the HyperChildNET implementation will be published in this section.

Furthermore, we invite you to participate in our Working Groups. The HyperChildNET COST Action is organised into 5 Working Groups (WGs), each addressing a different aspect of high BP in children and adolescents such as measurement, treatment prevention, impact and so on. You can learn more on the WGs in the “Working Groups” section. If you are interested to become a member of one of these WGs, please consult here.

More details to be provided soon.