HyperChildNET is open to all types of participants (e.g. from academia, industry, international research organisations, relevant civic groups, etc., wherever they are located). Thanks to the ‘openness’, it is possible to participate in this ongoing project.

With a view of establishing a European multidisciplinary network on high BP in children, we are committed to involved researchers, clinicians, early career investigators, health economists, decision-makers, patients, regulatory bodies, nutrition & pharma companies and medical devices manufacturers.

All members of the network will collaborate by creating working groups to coordinate research actions, exchange scientific and clinical knowledge, research findings and best practices. To promote the research objectives foreseen, HyperChildNET will organise conferences, seminars, short-term scientific missions, training schools and will produce reports, studies, guides, strategy documents and action plans to make progress in contributing to solve the challenge.

Are you interested in joining the activities of the HyperChildNET COST Action but unsure about how to go about it? Then you are in the right place. This section describes briefly the ways in which different stakeholders can participate in this COST Action.

Finally, for a more in-depth understanding of research topics as well as the objectives of this COST Action, we invite you to read the Action Memorandum of Understanding.