Science has shown that physical activity is FUNDAMENTAL to maintain the health of children and adolescents,
BUT… Why is regular physical activity important? What effect does it have on blood pressure? Read this fact sheet
to the end and you will find out.

The regular practice of physical activity not only favors weight control, but also improves physical condition (which
is the ability to make a sustained effort and an important marker of health), improves lung capacity, regulates
blood sugar and fat levels, increases muscle and bone strength, improves our defenses and also reduces stress,
increases the level of happiness and improves academic performance!

What are the benefits of physical activity?


Download this Fact sheet for parents, profesionals and educators working with children and adolescents.

Use it to disseminate and make awareness!

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Published On: 30 de November de 2022Categories: Article, Health care professionals, Important, Parents and children, Publication, WG4-Prevention, WG5-Dissemination

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